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April's Hottie Crowned and An Interview with Lolli Lulu Crafts!


Hello and happy April Fool's Day! ElenaK here, I can't believe the first quarter of the year is already gone! Where does the time go? 

I Spottied our April Hottie over at Club KennyK and we are so happy she shared her rockin' craft project with us! Please let's all congratulate Liw Lejdbrandth on winning this month's Hottie title! It blew us away how she was able to merge 2 of our digi stamps to create this super cool card. She used rock goth chick digi stamp Vikki Lee Vicious and background digi stamp Rooftop Skyline. This reminded us so much of our days living in NY and the way she colored the sky and sunset was perfection!!  

About Liw: 

My name is Liw, pronounces like leave. I am in my early 40's, single mother of 2 sons of the ages 9 yrs and 6 yrs. I live in the southern part of Sweden. I found out about Promarkers almost 2 years ago and about 6 months ago I bought my first Big Shot and have been able to do more fancy work and cards. I still haven't taken any classes but I bought some in February but still haven't gotten around to do. 

I try to blog and I use Instagram to share my work. Feel free to visit my Blog: www.llpearls.wordpress.com or visit my Instagram: llpearls 

I am so honored that my card got chosen and hope to inspire other crafty people and perhaps it's your card that will chosen next month.


Meet the amazing Amanda, the woman behind Lolli Lulu Crafts! We discovered Amanda back in February of 2015, when she posted a tutorial video using one of our stamps on Twitter. We immediately reached out to her and wanted to partner with her and her talent!! She was so easy to work with and had such a positive vibe that we knew we would be a great fit for each other. We wanted to interview this lovely lady, so that you too can learn a little more about her and her inspirations!!

Interview of Amanda of Lolli Lulu Crafts

1. Amanda, tell us a little about you and your blog/brand?

Lolli Lulu Crafts sort of just happened. I was crafting away myself and watching videos and thought I could do that, so I did. Then it took off so I thought I better have a name for myself, so I used the nickname that my Mum calls me ‘Lolli Lulu’ and a website. I decided pretty early on that I wanted to make my site a place that had a good variety of styles in my videos and posts but also a place where you could come to get answers to questions on anything from technical stuff, to solving problems, or just an honest opinion on a product. As for me personally, I am proud Brit, happily single, even more happily am an only child and still living with my Mum, Dad and my precious dog Daisie, who is also a favorite of my @lolliettes. I started my career working as a criminal defense lawyer for many years before deciding to join the family business of nails. We train and distribute for a large American company here in the UK and Europe as well as Mum having her own salon. I did work in the salon too, but gave that up when I went full time into my craft business. Finally my brand saying is the quote from George Bernard Shaw “Imagination is the beginning of creation. You imagine what you desire, you will what you imagine and at last you create what you will.”

2. How would you describe your style?

Eclectic. I like to think that I try pretty much all styles of paper craft. Although I do tend to come back to the ‘clean’ techniques such as die cutting and colouring as I am not massively keen on getting really inky lol! Mind you that doesn’t mean I haven’t gone all out with ink, glue, texture paste etc, its just that if Im not making a conscious effort to mix it up then we could end up wit all stamping and die cutting project videos! lol!

3. How did you fall in love with crafting?

I have crafted since a child when my Mum and Nan taught various crafts like Knitting, Crochet, Embroidery, etc which I still do and love. Then about 10 years ago now I guess, I came across a craft channel on TV and saw them doing paper craft and thought it looked wonderful and that I wanted to have a go. I just bought from them some card, glue and stickers and had a go. I wasn’t all that impressed with my results but loved the process. I started getting more things and that improved what I was making, I loved stamping and colouring the best and that love has never left me. But then I came across the Cricut die cutting machine and was wowed by it. My parents got me one for my birthday and I was off and running. It is strange how one machine changed all areas of my crafting even ones that didn’t use it. I think it just helped me develop my paper crafting style. I also like to try new crafts still and in the last year I’ve been learning how to do patchwork, which is such fun and actually overlaps really well with the paper craft in that the die cutting machines I use for paper also cuts the shapes for my patches :-)

4. What are your can’t-live-without craft-room essentials? Share a

little craft secret with us.

I can’t live without my iMac and a Macbook; my Erin Condren Planner; my markers & pencils: my die cutting machines and of course Daisie - my dog who is always by my side when I craft. My craft secret is even when you have no ideas on what to make just find one item in your stash that attracts you. Don’t think about it, just look at your stash and grab something - a piece of card, an embellishment anything that catches your eye. Then find something else, something that goes with the first one colour wise or style but don’t spend time doing it just grab the first thing you like that looks ok with your first item. Keep going until you have a little pile of things to work with and then just start to put stuff together. Again don’t think about it, don’t plan ahead, just do it, be brave and reckless lol! and before you know it you have this amazing piece. It works because you are allowing your artistic side to lead you and not your thinking side.

5. When do you feel the most creative?

I am really lucky but I feel creative most of the time - except in the mornings, I don’t do before 10am! But I find just looking around me gives me ideas - nature, fashion, colour, etc I am constantly thinking of ideas and my blog project planner is already full up til June! And thats just what I have put in the planner, I also have a book with just lists in of project ideas in and another book with sketches!

6. What is your guilty pleasure?

Buying crazy amounts of markers or pencils - if i find a new brand that I like I can’t just have them in a couple of colours I have to have them all! That is also true of dies too! oh and digi stamps - do you have any idea how many stunning and fabulous KennyK stamps I have!!! Im not even joking! it is insane, I could colour for the rest of my life and not get through them all! Mind you I would have a wall of wonderful artwork at the end of it :-) Outside of craft I am rather addicted to the ‘Carry On” films which actually remind me a lot in style to your (KennyK) images. That cheeky, kiss me quick, seaside postcard humour that is very British.

7. What gets you in the mood to rock your crafts?

I am always in the mood to craft, in fact I never stop. Even in the evening when my days work for my blog is finished, I still end up crafting by doing some stitching, crochet etc. My hands and mind are never still. I even have my design book beside my bed as I often dream up fab ideas for a new card design and want to draw it out quick before I forget it! and last night I was making a card at 3am because I just had a great idea and just wanted to make it there and then!! Do you I think I might be slightly addicted to craft!

8. Why is it important for people to continue to make things by


The last 2 years I have done what I called a ‘handmade christmas’ for my family, where I basically made all the gifts that I gave to them. These things took me pretty much 8 - 9 months to do in total and to my parents those things were more precious than anything I could buy because I put into them hours and hours of love & work into it rather than just going out and buying something off the shelf. I am intending to do a handmade christmas again this year and have already started working on things for it. On a bigger level, handmade things are an amazing representation of us for future generations in a way that mass produced items can never be. So on a personal and larger level I think it is essential that we keep making things by hand and keep all these incredible skills alive.

9. What can we expect to see in 2016 from you? What are you

working on right now?

Lolli Lulu Crafts in 2016 will continue to grow and improve and I have an really big project going on right now that I think is really exciting and is definitely going to make a big difference to me and my work. But thats a big secret right now but I will come back in couple months when its should be ready to be revealed!

With regards to my craft I have lots more project videos to come including, later in the year, changing up my videos so I have a quick Monday project video (under 15 mins) and then a Friday video in my current fuller chatty style. That way I hope I will have something for everyone in both video and project style. I am also going to do more of my ‘teaching’ style of videos with specific plans to develop my FUN-damentals series where we will be going right back to the basics of crafting for the beginners and newbies out there.  

You are invited to join our awesome new Facebook Fan Group, Club KennyK where you can showcase your work, enter contests, win cool prizes, and mingle with other KennyK fans! We also have a shop Facebook page, KennyK Stamps. Please Like us and join the Club, we’d love to have you!

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